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A.D.A.B Company was established in Toronto, Canada in 2019. After buying newly established and small companies as well as establishing other companies, this company is changed to a holding in which some of branches of this company are presently active at Asian and European Countries. In addition, A.D.A.B. Company, by investing at housing market in Toronto, shows a good business activity in this field. In order to progress and improve conditions and activities, A.D.A.B. Company always uses its application and artificial intelligences for connecting to sections. These applications and elements are exclusively used at this company for inter-organizational purposes. A.D.A.B. Company developed its activities based on manpower, and by enjoying professional personnel at all sections, provided services to the clients in perfect manner.

  • Providing excellent services at all sections and subsidiary companies on days and nights manner.
  • Completion of the project before delivery date determined at the contract with the highest quality and more economical.
  • Training manpower at all sections for introducing to the employers

Our Services

Due to enjoying subsidiary companies, A.D.A.B Holding provides wide range of services to its clients in which we could divide them in some categories. All services or those provided to the companies are made by professional personnel and in general A.D.A.B. Company guarantees the best services in this regard.

All subsidiary companies of A.D.A.B. Company provides 24 hours and 7 days per week services to the clients.

Networks Marketing

By network marketing system, A.D.A.B. Company always enjoys highest type of marketing at international levels.

Artificial Intelligence

Having an update and smart network at today's world is an undeniable requirement. Hence, A.D.A.B. Company by designing smart intelligence always provides services to its clients. Digital currency is another services of this company at artificial intelligence section.


A.D.A.B. Company invests at different sections for starting up and developing newly established companies. In addition, this company always provides valuable services to its clients by investing at manpower section.


Designing, renovating, implementing, and constructing on individual and cooperation section is part of services of A.D.A.B. Company. In addition, investing on housing section is another service of this company.




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