Investment Projects in Canada

Introducing international projects for investing in Canada and securing natural and legal contracts


A.D.A.B. Co. always introduces guaranteed and previously examined and studied projects to its clients.

Securing Project

By insuring financial resources, A.D.A.B. Co. secures financial and intellectual benefits of investors and makes zero risk of investment.

Managing Project

Enjoying several years of experiences for cost management and delivery time of projects, A.D.A.B. Co. supports the investor for achieving desirable results.

Investing at Telesiness

Buying shares and invest reliably for developing software and hardware of projects and artificial intelligence of Telesiness system

Nowadays, expansion of the world of communication and technology and their application at daily life, makes the Organizations and Institutes to apply modern methods at business management and directing their activities toward welfare and servicing fields. If we consider new habit, we realize use of technology at lifestyle changes, evolving business, and increasing human expectations as some results of technology expansion. Telesiness is not an expectation in this way. It takes important steps in business, solves problems and supports its users and investors. By enjoying expert personnel, Telesiness started this project in 2020 for updating artificial intelligence and then in order to develop it, this company recruited manpower and attracted investors. According to determined planning, completion date of remained phases is predicted in 2025 considering business and economic conditions and for completion of this process, 2.5 million Dollars is designated as required budget. This project is explained in seven different phases and each section provides services to its clients, independently.


Why should we invest at Telesiness?

Presently, investing on technology and information projects enjoys highest credit and guarantee. Everyday progress in this field, leads and attracts addresses to this field more than before. Now, by providing a reliable investment at this field, Telesiness invites investors to participate at international tele business projects. Based on investment conditions, short and long terms projects, this Organization provides the investors of those situations related to cost and time so that everyone can invest based on his personal interest and benefit. Possibility of cancellation of investment, at any time, is reserved to the investors.


Considering pre-determined aims, Telesiness project is explained for facilitating administrative affairs and performing tele business, and it enjoys its unique characteristics

Management of financial and human resources

This project, with the aim of increasing manpower, takes a step in line with entrepreneurship and job creation at all levels of society and seeks financial and intellectual benefits of personnel.

In general, Telesiness program protects financial benefits of users by enjoying its complicated calculative elements and takes a new step for introducing experts and specialists to business by managing its manpower. Also for protecting benefits of users and employers, Telesiness innovates self-business for the first time so that all introduced groups do business and earn money independently.

Branding & Marketing

Considering applicable elements of this program, Telesiness improves small businesses up to the level desired by the employers and introduces their business name to the clients at expected situations.

Also network marketing is one of the greatest achievements of this company. By enjoying intelligent technologies and type of marketing on drop manner, Telesiness could recruit and use thousands of personnel per year.


What do you need? Choose a service that can help you

Package A

Amount of Investment : 50,000 Dollars (Negotiable)
Duration of Investment : 12 Months
Monthly Interest : 1.8%

Annual Interest : 23.6%
Refund : Annual (Negotiable)

Package B

Amount of Investment : 120,000 Dollars (Negotiable)
Duration of Investment : 24 Months
Monthly Interest : 3.2%

Annual Interest : 41.8%
Refund : Annual (Negotiable)

Package C

Amount of Investment : 350,000 Dollars (Negotiable)
Duration of Investment : 48 Months
Monthly Interest : 5.5%

Annual Interest : 69.9%
Refund : Annual (Negotiable)


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