Abedi Niya

A little about Me

Vahid is a very social, happy and energetic personality who always adapts himself to all environmental, social and work conditions and can manage them intelligently by fully understanding the needs of employees or customers. In all these years, Vahid has tried with different experiences to be able to create a different and developing business environment with new and creative ideas. Learn more about him in the following parts.


Reaching the experience, education, awareness and knowledge of managing human resources in the dimensions of the world's largest companies

First things first,
About Me.

The most important thing in knowing me completely is that, I have had notable experiences in different fields, whether it is being an employee or managing an employee, which is clear in my work records and It has helped me a lot in my career. Also, due to extensive study of various topics and education in various fields, it has led to a high understanding of any issue or problem. In the following, you can see some of my activities in different companies.


Telesiness means tele-business. You can always make money in long-distance form and get acquainted with various businesses. You can develop your business and save costs. You need a network marketing world that only via us you can access.


Iran Canada Immigration Marketing Co., for supplying advertising services at immigration section to immigration lawyers and clients, provides services before and after visa, digital marketing


Provider of digital web forms, digital marketing, and advertisement at cyberspaces

Go Travels

Tour and tourism are valuable services of this company in Canada. Preparing and providing tourist invitation letters, tourism services, preparing and planning for individual and group tourist

Allura Group

Technical photography and film taking specialists for providing service to businesses

ADAB International Immigrant Advisors Group

Exclusive representative of Iranoca Co., Telesiness, and A.D.A.B Company in Ira


Cosmetic and hygienic materials production and distribution company; designing, producing, and exporting medical and colored lenses


Creating virtual tours at google straight view and producing 360° photos at all platforms; designing, free and industrial photography


Advertising and marketing campaigns by holding competition at cyberspaces, innovator of Biabebar discount bag

Complete work
and academic resume

In the following, you can view and download the complete resume of education, work, experiences, skills, etc


In the resume that you see, we tried to write the most content with the fewest words in order to avoid spending a lot of time studying the resume.

CV design

It is designed in a form to avoid confusion and to quickly find or read the required material


My primary expertise lies in branding, which is a significant aspect in the field of business sciences.


Marketing is one of the most influential factors in branding, which is specifically addressed with expertise.


Even an inferior product can be brought to the highest sales figures in the market with the best type of packaging.

Learn more about Vahid
Abedi Niya.

In general, all the thoughts and ideas that lead to the creation or establishment of businesses can be said to be produced exclusively by Vahid himself, and all the functions were always special and unique and cannot be found anywhere else. Vahid has always tried to prioritize creativity in all his work so that he can compete with parallel markets. Due to his deep understanding of social relations, Vahid was able to have good control over human resources and customers, which made him an efficient manager. The benefits of working with Vahid are many, of course, the most important of which is his complete peace and trust. In any business, trust is very important, and when complete trust is gained, it becomes credit, and every business needs a high credit, which Vahid has always been able to build a good credit in any field with his high ability and experience. It is worth mentioning, from trust and credibility, connections are made and networking is the heart of every business and the only way to develop a business.. Vahid has always been able to maintain his connections by using all the tools and this is the secret of his success.